The Perfect Details for the best Scrap Usage

In order to control the metal consumption in an enterprise, it is possible to establish such an order: metal is dispensed by metal (for example, sheets, channels, pipes) only to the preparation shop. All other shops receive metal already in the form of blanks, cutting of which into a predetermined size was done by the procurement workshop.

Simultaneously in the warehouse of the metal and the procurement workshop. In some enterprises (as a rule, not large ones), the division into a warehouse of metal and a procurement shop (site) is very conditional, only documented – according to the staffing table, according to reports in the accounting department.With the company famous for used scrap metals this is important.From the warehouse to the procurement shop, the metal enters via limit-intake cards.


The company has the right to develop its own forms of accounting documents for the movement of the metal, taking into account the specifics. The main thing is that the documents contain the entire set of necessary details established for the primary documents.

  • The limit-fence card is an excuse document for the withdrawal of metal from the warehouse. Based on the planned demand, the products that are already in launch or planned to be launched, economists of the planning and economic department (IEE) write out limit-fence cards in two copies per month. One copy of the card is transferred to the procurement workshop, the second to the warehouse.
  • Each instance indicates the limit, name, cost code and other data.
  • The metal in production is released from the warehouse upon presentation by the master (storekeeper) of the storage department of its own copy of the limit-fence card. The warehousekeeper marks in both copies the date and quantity of the released materials, after which it displays the rest of the limit.
  • The warehouse keeper signs in the limit-fence card of the storage department, and the master / storekeeper of the shop signs in the limit-fence card of the metal warehouse. This ensures mutual control over the correctness of records made in the primary document.

The Options for You

At the end of the month, both copies of the limit-fence cards are transferred to the accounting department, where their results are verified and the metal consumption from the warehouse is recorded and registered in the procurement shop.You can visit reputable signage company in singapore at the right moment.

What are the peculiarities of metal release?

Metal comes, for example, in sheets, it is listed in the account in kilograms, on products according to norms the weight equivalent to 2/3 of this sheet is necessary. At the stage of obtaining the metal on the limit-fence card, it makes no sense to cut this sheet: if you cut it now, then when cutting into billets, there may not be enough metal for large-sized parts.

This sheet is released into the blank shop, and after it is cut, the remainder will be displayed on the blank. These balances will be monitored in the procurement workshop. If necessary, the residue can be returned to the metal warehouse, if it is large. Therefore, when a metal is released from a warehouse only to one shop – procurement, you always know where to look for a deficient position: either in a metal warehouse or in a procurement shop.

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